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Medical devices & diagnostic industry saves and improves lives by helping healthcare professionals diagnose diseases & provides effective treatment options for patients and the healthcare system.

Scope of medical devices and diagnostic industry is hugely wide and covers all medical specialties; from basic healthcare services to advanced medical treatments, medical device & diagnostic industry contributes in every area to benefit better patient outcome.

Pakistan medical devices & diagnostic industry, which includes medical devices, diagnostics and medical imaging equipment, comprises of importers, suppliers, distributors & manufacturers of various forms of medical devices from emerging Pakistani companies to global corporations.

The product range of medical devices & diagnostic industry is equally diverse and includes disease screening technologies, therapies, equipment and supplies – From simple products like bandages, tapes & syringes to heavily complex capital equipment like MRI scanners & ICU ventilators and highly researched & developed products like implantable devices.

The industry is dynamic & with continuous innovation resulting short life cycles of many products. Several medical devices undergo constant development based on feedback from medical practitioners and advances in other sciences relevant to medical technology.

There are a range of business types that make up the medical devices & diagnostic industry in Pakistan.

  1. Importer of medical devices & diagnostic as subsidiary of multinational company
    An importer of medical devices & diagnostic where the Pakistani company is a subsidiary of the same multinational company. Usually, most of the products sold will be from the parent company.
  2. Third party importer of medical devices & diagnostic
    An importer of medical devices & diagnostic that is not a subsidiary of a multinational company but a local company. Usually such local companies are importer of several multinational companies.
  3. Supplier/Distributor of medical devices & diagnostic manufactured
    A supplier/distributor of medical devices & diagnostic who procures products from importer or third party importer of medical devices and diagnostics in Pakistan
  4. Manufacturer of medical devices & diagnostics
    A manufacturer of medical devices & diagnostics in Pakistan which can either a locally owned company or a subsidiary of a multinational company.


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