Annual Election Schedule of Healthcare Devices Association of Pakistan for the year 2018-19

Members are notified that the Annual Elections Schedule for the year 2018-19 after approval of EC meeting as per Rule-14(1) of TOR 2013 will be held for the following seats on the time and date mentioned against each, at HDAP Head / Registered office, Karachi.

A Six vacant seats (06) of Executive Committee. (General body will elect the members of Executive Committee) 22nd September, 2018 (Saturday)  from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m
B One seats (1) for women entrepreneur of Executive Committee.

(The Executive Committee will elect the woman entrepreneur)

27th September, 2018 (Thursday) from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
C Office bearers i.e. one Chairman one Senior Vice Chairman and one Vice Chairman (at the time of announcement of election schedule, if the general body comprises at least 50% members from Associate Class then there shall be rotation of office of Chairman between Corporate and Associate members, in case of rotation Chairman and Senior Vice Chairman will not be from the same class).


(The Executive Committee will elect the office bearers)

27th September, 2018 (Thursday) from 4:05 p.m. to 5 p.m.


  1. Voting Rights

As per Rule 15 of TOR, 2013: Those who have completed two years standing as Members on or before the date of announcement of Election Schedule by the Executive Committee and have renewed their Membership by March 31, 2018 will be entitled to cast vote. Further the members whose membership have been discontinued due to non-payment of subscription dues shall be eligible to vote on completion of one year of their re-enrolment and payment of dues on or before the date of announcement of Election Schedule by the Executive Committee. The right to vote shall be allowed only to the Proprietor, Partner, or the Director of the Member firm or company or a person not below the rank of General Manager authorized by the Board of Directors of the Public Limited Company or a Multinational Company as the case may be provided his name has already been registered with HDAP and his name appears in the list of voters.

  1. Voter Lists

The voter list is divided in two categories, 1-Corporate Member 2-Associate Member on basis of information provided by members. The Executive Committee will be formed on the basis of following rules and nominations should be forwarded accordingly.

  1. i) At least fifty percent of the members of Executive Committee shall be from the Corporate Class.
  2. ii) The Electoral College for each class of members of Executive Committee shall be the members of General Body from the respective class.


  1. 3. Election Procedure (As per Rule 18 of TOR, 2013)
Sr. No. Event Date
1 Election Commencement/ display of election schedule on website/notice board/submission to regulator 16th July, 2018 (Monday)
2 Change of name of Authorized Representative 19th July, 2018 (Thursday)
3 Issuance of provisional list of voters/ website/notice board 23rd July, 2018 (Monday)
4 Filling of objection to the entries of provisional list of voters 30th July, 2018 (Monday)
5 Intimation of action on objections 4th August, 2018 (Saturday)
6 Representation to the Election Commission against the action of the Secretary General 7th August, 2018 (Tuesday)
7 Decision of the Election Commission 10th August, 2018 (Friday)
8 Appeal to Regulator  against the decision of Election Commission 13th August, 2018 (Monday)
9 Decision of the Regulator 23rd August, 2018 (Thursday)
10 Final list of voters/ display website/notice board/submission to regulator 25th August, 2018 (Saturday)
11 Issuance & submission of nomination papers for Executive Committee 27th to 30th August, 2018
12 Issuance of list of voters to the contesting candidates 31st August, 2018 (Friday)
13 Scrutiny of papers by the Election Commission and Issuance of list of candidates 1st September, 2018 (Saturday)
14 Objections to the nominations 3rd September, 2018 (Monday)
15 Decision of the Election Commission 5th September, 2018 (Wednesday)
16 Appeal to Regulator  against the decision of Election Commission 7th September, 2018 (Friday)
17 Decision of the Regulator 14th September, 2018 (Friday)
18 Issuance of final list of candidates 17th September, 2018 (Monday)
19 Polling for election of members for the Executive Committee 22nd September, 2018 (Saturday)
20 Issuance & submission of nomination papers for office bearers 24th September, 2018 (Monday)
21 Issuance & submission of nomination papers for the women entrepreneur 24th September, 2018 (Monday)
22 Scrutiny of nomination papers by Election Commission and display final list of office bearers and women seats 25th September. 2018 (Tuesday)
23 Issuance of final list of candidates for office bearers and women entrepreneur. 25th September. 2018 (Tuesday)
24 The polling for election for women entrepreneur seat 27th September, 2018 (Thursday) 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
25 The polling for election of office bearers 27th September, 2018 (Thursday) 4:05 p.m. to 5 p.m.
26 Announcement of final results of Executive Committee and office bearers and Annual General Meeting 28th September, 2018 (Friday) at 04:00 p.m
27 Display of election results on the notice board and website 29th September, 2018 (Saturday)
28 Submission of election results to regulator 29th September, 2018 (Saturday)

NOTE: Election Schedule may be flexible due to Eid Holiday, Ashoora or any other official holiday but only to the extent of next working day whereas last date of next events will be final


Tehseen Alam

Secretary General